Everybody Needs Weekends

Well, there went my streak — re-blogging for three days in a row! 😉 I missed Saturday night due to an inordinately strong Mai Tai and an increasingly weak constitution plus a very long and lovely walk along the beach from the restaurant back to our hotel. Tired puppy! Then I missed Sunday because it was a travel-back-home day. I have successfully rationalized away my lapse by reminding myself that everybody needs weekends.

Back to Monday with a vengeance…. Got up early (after getting to bed quite late!) to finish preparing for work, grabbing a Tall Soy Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and a breakfast burrito from Del Taco. The latter is a once-a-week indulgence. Busy day of classes, then off to pick up my goggie from his nannies at Coast Canine Country Club. Evidently he had a great vacation, too. Here is is collapsed in his favorite spot as I wish I could be except I have too much work to catch up on:

Knitting content: just a few more rows on the plane on my Harry Potter P of A Scarf since I spent most of the time finishing re-reading The Deathly Hallows in preparation for this weekend.


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