Planned Impulse

Today we became an all-Mac shop! DH traded up his 2007 Mac mini for a 21.5″ iMac. He might continue to use some non-Apple peripherals (he really loves his ergonomic Logitech wireless keyboard), but he’s basically full Mac now.

It seems, and even feels, somewhat impulsive. But we really ruminate on big ticket purchases for months or, in this case,  years. What triggered this one was the desire to make a dual monitor setup work. The graphics card in the little mini just couldn’t support two monitors.

These tough economic times (*drink*) have really changed our thinking and our buying habits. With two kids in college and various mortgages, we just can’t afford to buy impulsively anymore. Not that we could really afford it before (!), but somehow we (and the nation) felt we could count on rising income. What a rude awakening! Anyway, as we enter 2011, I’m hoping for more national economic optimism. Nevertheless, we plan to remain fiscally conservative (um … except for this new computer, of course!).



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