80 Things To Do Before 80

Each year, instead of committing to New Year’s Resolutions, I revisit my list of “80 Things To So Before 80.” It’s my version of The Bucket List or the reality show, The Buried Life that predates both works. I offer my students an extra credit opportunity to create a decorated “30 Things To Do Before 30” as a way to save them from a world of future hurt in crafting (and breaking) resolutions.

My list includes items such as “fire a gun” and “ride a camel … in Egypt” as well as “visit all seven continents.” I encourage students to go wild and add their dreams by sharing one of my wildest: “perform in Carnegie Hall.” Above is the poster of when I actually did it!  As a singer-chaperone of my daughter’s high school choir that was invited to perform in 2006, I got to rehearse with them and also perform. Even better, my sister accompanied us to New York as well. It was truly a dream come true. Below are the details from the poster. The lesson is to go ahead and verbalize your dreams to the universe. Somehow, if you jump, the net will appear.


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