Analog Treasures

Last night I had a late dinner with three wonderful internet friends: Amanda French of THATCamp, Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday, and Aric Mellot of The G Men Show, aka @amandafrench, @darthweef and @phatemokid on Twitter. (They each do lots of other things as well, both inside and outside the interwebitubes. Look ’em up!) We all first bonded several years ago as fans of Buzz Out Loud, “cnet’s podcast of indeterminate length” and as denizens of the chatroom at what is now While I see Steve and Aric often, I’ve never met Amanda IRL (in real life) before last night because she lives in New York. We shared a wonderful time as guests on FourCast (#45 – Whale Wars), so we have of course emailed and  conversed via Skype, but how fabulous it was to to chat across a table about geeky digital stuff as well as British Victorian and Post-Modern American literature.

I only realized tonight that none of us took a picture! I think we checked in on Foursquare and probably tweeted a bit, but mostly we just enjoyed face-to-face quality talk and awesome guacamole. So it just goes to show, IMHO, that good friendships come in all flavors, whether begun in elementary school (talkin’ about you, Gayle!) or college (heya, Carlos and Robert and other Robber Barons!) or begun in the ether (‘sup, my non-Left Coast cnet friends!) or even as neighbors here in the OC.

So despite the absence of digital evidence, I will treasure in old school fashion (just in my memory) our lovely dinner together.

BTW, here’s a link to “All My Internet Friends,” Amanda’s wonderful song that sums up the genesis of this group of friends!


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