Teppanyaki Brain

Tonight DH and I hit our Friday Sushi place a day early, after attending a seminar on managing retirement income. We saw some friends at the seminar whose kids are the same age as ours (the mom and I were Girl Scout leaders together) and commiserated about our new stage in life. Anyway, this entree is Seafood Teppanyaki, a delicious mishmash of fresh veggies and seafood, mostly shrimp, brought out on a sizzling, cast iron dish. It’s actually shaped like a volcano, so there isn’t as much food as appears to be mounded on the plate.

This entree is a perfect metaphor for my brain of late, a jumble of thoughts in unrelated genres (veggies vs seafood), all tossed together and sizzling under extreme heat. I can’t wait to finish powering through these essays and exams to turn in grades next week. At the same time I’m supposed to be planning for the new semester, which includes taking on a additional 38 new students since two of my classes were compressed into one, allowing me to take on a new class. I could vent here, but I won’t. Use your imagination….


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