Pennies for Patients

This was my homeroom’s entry for the best decorated Pennies for Patients collection box. It’s made of chopsticks, and dropping coins down the chimney funnels them directly into the box. Bills required shoving down the chimney with a ruler, but it all worked. Cross your fingers that we win either the design contest or most money!


John Wooden’s Power

Today’s feel-good story comes from yesterday’s basketball victory of UCLA over Arizona. I didn’t realize it until the news this morning that the last basket of the game, the last ever at the old Pauley Pavilion was made by Tyler Trapani, a walk-on, who is John Wooden’s great-grandson. John Wooden, the winningest college coach ever and incredibly inspirational human being, died last June at age 99. Sometimes life is more poetic than fiction.

Cathedrals of Sound

Tonight DH and I attended a fabulous Pacific Symphony Orchestra concert at the Segerstrom Concert Hall in OC. This review describes the events more or less accurately, but our Friday night audience was more appreciative than this reviewer. I can’t gush enough about how awe-inspiring the organ sounded. It was specially manufactured and shipped over from Europe. This is a photo of the lobby ceiling. (I will upload additional pix once WordPress stops crashing on me.)

UPDATE: Below are pix from the lobby looking out at the old, more spacious, less intimate Symphony Hall and a pic of me in the lobby with our friend Fr. Claude, one of the Norbertine singers whose performance was absolutely wonderful. Notice how DH tried to catch a halo 😉


Amazon Prime Streaming

We have a lot of these boxes around our house because we are heavy users of Amazon Prime, where we get free shipping and two-day delivery for most of our purchases from Now Prime members also get FREE streaming of video, which we access from our Roku box. Combining this with Netflix on our Roku, we have an almost complete video solution. If we would just get English Premier League and some other real-time sports, we might cut the cable cord. Soon….

Not Your Grandma’s Cardigan

Actually it’s DH’s Grandma’s cardigan worn over my LBD from the Uniform Project. This link is to the Day that I sponsored when I bought my LBD. The cardigan is one of the few items we received after DH’s grandmother died that I can wear or that we can use in daily life, so the sentimental value plus the pink is a win! I’m also wearing black Harlequin tights and my black suede Vaneli ankle boots.

I was inspired to pull out the LBD today because I just got a notice that the Pilot #3 LBD that I ordered last November has shipped. Can’t wait to wear it and accessorize it. The February 2011 Pilot is a wonderful, creative zippered design that has such potential for variety. Her philanthropy is City Harvest, a pe-school nutrition program. Please support!

A Dog’s Life?

We get a big bag of kibble like this for Dusty about every 5-6 weeks. He doesn’t get any people food other than what occasionally rolls off the cutting board or flips out of the stir fry pan. As a result, he’s pretty healthy and lean, which is important because he has arthritic hips and a weak back. But apart from dog treats, his diet isn’t very … varied. As a human being who can exercise free will and who LOVES food, I would NOT want to live a dog’s life.