Everyday Uses

These Grab-It bowls top my list of stuff I use almost every day. I just realized this when I washed one from dinner last night and used another for lunch today. I acquired my first set of six in grad school and have picked up many more at Corning Ware outlet stores. They’re almost indestructible and the perfect size for a quick meal. Plus I love the little handle. 😉 I usually seal them with the Corning glass top but sometimes use the rubber top for on-the-go. An unassuming little product, it deserves public recognition. So … huzzah to the humble Grab-It bowl!

P.S. To wax philosophical for a moment, it seems to me that we too often overlook the little details in our lives that make our days run smoothly. Undue attention is paid to putting out fires or to celebrating huge accomplishments or bemoaning huge disappointments. But mostly life is made up of a combination of efficient little habits and objects and acts and interactions that deserve acknowledgment once in a while. So … huzzah also to all the little things!


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