Hard Stuff is … Hard

Two wonderful colleagues were honored today as Teacher of the Year for High School (David Knight) and Teacher of Promise (Katie Addiss). Also, my school was recently recognized as #4 in Orange County, behind three magnet schools that hand-pick their students. FYI University High School is a comprehensive public high school with a diverse social and economic student population that includes the county’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing program and the English Newcomer program. We rock.

None of this came easy. Even David and Katie, who are extraordinarily talented teachers, work really hard.  At UHS, which has a long tradition of excellence, we all work really hard. And it’s more difficult every year with shrinking resources and exploding class sizes, with more and more outside demands (teach life skills and morality along with critical thinking) and less and less public understanding of what we actually do and how we do it. But we do it.

In the news, the Egyptian people just toppled its 30 year-old oppressive regime. It was hard work. But even harder work, that of achieving consensus and building a democracy, awaits them. I wish them luck and perseverance, and pray for their success.

Today’ society moves so quickly that people have come to expect rapid results, immediate replies to texts and emails, instantaneous transfer of bank funds, a new Apple product every six months….  But hold on, people. Hard stuff is hard. It takes planning, execution, reflection, revisiting of planning, flexibility, and patience. Time has always passed at exactly the same rate. The only variable we can control is our attitude toward time. Keeping in mind that stuff is hard … should be easy. And the rewards are commensurate with hard work.

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