Since “sing” is the first word in this blog’s title, I clearly value the word/concept/activity in my life, although I feel that most of the world undervalues it. Sure, even children can relate to the idea of feeling joy in song, as in this Sesame Street tune. But what’s more complicated is understanding the many kinds of power of song, such as to celebrate and empower. If I had to choose, I kind of almost think I’d rather hear than see because I would lose so much without the ability to appreciate song.

In this morning’s sermon, our own Fr. Claude suggested a use that puts an additional important spin on “sing” for me. This is a vastly, unfairly simplified version of only a part of his message, but one way of “loving one’s enemies” is singing a holy song to them. Imagine it: the iconic photo of a peace protester placing a daisy in the muzzle of a soldier’s gun comes to mind.

An adjunct of the message is all the nuances of  St. Augustine’s words, “cantare amantis est,” or “singing is what the lover does” or “singing belongs to one who loves.”  Singing is a higher form of  praise or prayer than mere recitation. I’ll save explanations of how “surfing” and “knitting” are also forms of prayer for future posts. 😉


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