Amazon Prime Streaming

We have a lot of these boxes around our house because we are heavy users of Amazon Prime, where we get free shipping and two-day delivery for most of our purchases from Now Prime members also get FREE streaming of video, which we access from our Roku box. Combining this with Netflix on our Roku, we have an almost complete video solution. If we would just get English Premier League and some other real-time sports, we might cut the cable cord. Soon….


2 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Streaming”

  1. I am unsure what you mean. I have Amazon Prime. Does this mean instead of paying $2.99 per episode for a recent Law & Order SVU for example that I can simply play an episode? I have Netflix but it does not have this season’s episodes and I did not wish to pay that price. Very cool.

  2. Hi Haley — If you log have a device (TV, XBox, Roku box) that streams Amazon Video on Demand, as a Prime Member you no longer have to pay to rent certain content; you just stream it for free. The directions are on the screen. For example, I had to log in to and type the code that was on my Roku screen and voila! Classic episodes of Doctor Who on demand!

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