Treats from Taiwan


Last week a parent gave me this beautiful box of Taiwanese treats as a thank you for working with a student who was on temporary home schooling. So far the colleague I’m sharing them with and I have tried the green packaged green tea cakes (yummy), the poppy seed cookies next to them (uber yummy) and one of the baked bean cakes on the far right (an acquired taste).

Apparently they are a traditional type of gift and very special. I hope I expressed my thanks vehemently enough. I love learning about other cultures, especially through their foods.

Balboa Ferry


After Sushi Friday, DH and I took a drive along Balboa Peninsula, then rode the ferry back to Balboa Island. Inflation! It’s now up to $2 per car and driver plus $1 per passenger. 😉

Seriously, we’re very lucky to live in such a wonderful, coastline community with beautiful sunsets. Counting my blessings….



I had a free coupon for a Starbucks Petites treat and, against my better judgment, I ordered and ate the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.  It tasted okay, but the problem was the gluten and the 185 calories packed into a tiny item, not to mention my guilt over the ridiculously excessive packaging. Next time I’ll pass the coupon on to someone who can appreciate it more.

French Meadow Bakery G-F Brownie

I hereby offer a positive review of this Gluten-Free Brownie by French Meadow Bakery. Quite tasty and chocolatey without being too sweet. Its only negative is a slightly dry texture, very common among G-F products. I bought this at Mother’s Market, but I’ve seen other French Meadow Bakery products in the frozen section of Pavilion’s. My quest continues….