Yummy Goat Milk Yogurt

Hooray! I found a delicious yogurt to mix into my shakes and to form the basis for wonderful breakfast fruit and granola parfaits: Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt, Vanilla flavor. This restricted diet can be very grumpy-making, so discovering ways to spice it up is like gold.



Memorial Day

Today our country remembers and thanks those who gave their lives in military service to our country. My dad, Angelo Ozoa, aided the US military in the Philippines to liberate his country from the Japanese in WWII, but like many dedicated guerillas, never received adequate accolades. Tomorrow would have been his 86th birthday.  Above is my favorite picture of us together, as I was preparing for my wedding. So today I remember and appreciate and thank my incomparable dad with love.


Arkon, A Better iPad Stand

Last week TSA made me unpack my carry-on because my Compass Mobile iPad 2 Stand was metal and looked suspicious on the x-ray. So from now on I will be traveling with the Akron Fold-up Travel Stand, made of a sturdy black plastic that is lighter and less attention-getting, that just arrived today. Thanks, Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson of TWiT and Gear Diary for the recommendation. My Compass Mobile Stand will keep me company at home and school.

GLEE Tour 2011

What a terrific show! Energetic, fast-paced, lavishly produced, well-sung/danced/acted, catering to its target audience with expected favorites. And I got to see it with my daughter. A winning experience all around. I will recount my thoughts in the podcast (geeksonglee.com) and will upload more pix in a more detailed post later. It’s past my bedtime!

My Cheetos Hairshirt

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was feeling rebellious and immature and angry at my restricted diet, so I binged on Crunchy Cheetos. They’re gluten-free, right? Sort of. The label warns that they’re prepared in a facility that also makes foods containing gluten so there are not guarantees against contamination.  Plus the list of preservatives is longer than the rest of the ingredients. Plus they just make me feel bloated and unhappy. So Cheetos have become my “hairshirt” or badge of shame and reminder that “it” is just not worth it. It = momentary tasty pleasure or nose-thumbing at nutritional discipline or [insert target of rebellion here].

Lakers Merch

I’ve acquired my share of LA Lakers merchandise over the years. I’m proudest of the free t-shirts distributed at playoff games. But I actually paid good money at Albertson’s  for the silliness in this picture, Lakers-branded water in purple bottles bearing the years of their championships. Sadly, the list ends at 2010.