Stargate SG-1

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How did this show fly under my radar for so long?! I’d heard of it, of course, then recently I stumbled across the pilot, consulted IMDB and Wikipedia to feed my need for instant gratification, watched a few episodes, and now I’m hooked. So far it’s my favorite type of blend of futuristic technology, clever storytelling, and timeless themes with engaging characters and decent acting. And it’s on Netflix streaming, so I anticipate many hours of geeky happiness ahead. It doesn’t hurt that MacGyver was one of my absolute favorite shows EVAH.

One thought on “Stargate SG-1”

  1. Been a Stargate fan since the original movie. It’s different than a lot of the other big sci-fi franchises in that it’s in the present day “real”-world, so there’s not as many fancy ray guns or spaceships for the humans (Tau’ri). There’s def. some great stories from the original series. I’m bummed that the latest spin-off series is ending (due to cancellation).

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