Ascension and Bacon

This should’ve been Sunday’s post but I’ve been mulling over how not to sound either like i’m proselytizing or unduly flippant. Our church elected to share the Ascension readings Sunday instead of last Thursday. Fr. Claude, one of our wonderful priests, gave a typically thought-provoking sermon that sent me and DH scrambling to compare differing accounts of this key theological event in the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. No, i’m not going to go full Bible-study on you, dear readers that are still with me, except to say that, even in Bible interpretation, one must always consider Genre, Audience and Purpose. A Gospel teaching differs in genre from an account or a letter. Its audience’s expectations differ, too. A reader or listener tolerates more metaphor in the former than the latter. Plus the historical audience itself differed for many New Testament writings. That’s why I have trouble with overly literal Bible interpretations. Ultimately, the only interpretation that matters to me is one that provides meaning and enriches my connection to God. Anyway, it was fun.

And where does bacon fit in? Picture me and DH alternating between riffling through pages in the study Bible and turning slices in the cast iron pan. Spiritual food notwithstanding, the MOST important imperative on Sunday is “Don’t burn the bacon.”


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