Green Lantern Reflections


The matinee of Green Lantern that I caught yesterday sparked numerous reflections. First, this picture is of the popcorn and Fanta Lime soda I bought. I’m willing to bet that electrodes in my brain would have revealed that the movie’s title subconsciously influenced my drink selection.

Second, the older I get, the less I patient I am with crowds. Happily I was one of only about 10 people in the theater. Sad for Warner Bros., but great for me. Perhaps the 3D showing was more crowded, but I won’t spend that much $$. It makes me wonder how sustainable the theater model can be.

Third, I’ve stayed away from detailed reviews but can’t help but have heard this movie was panned. No matter. I still wanted to see it, and found it predictable but quite enjoyable. I’d watch it again (but admittedly not for more than $10.) Heck with the critics. That is all….


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