San Diego ComicCon Thursday

Thursday was Day 1 of San Diego ComicCon 2011 and pictured is me with my new treasured possession: a picture of Alfred E. Neumann autographed “To Theresa” by long-time MAD writer Dick DeBartolo. This is awesome on so many levels.

First, I’ve loved MAD since I was in junior high. Second, I’ve been listening to Dick on the TWiT Network podcast “The Daily Giz Wiz” for years.  I’m kinda embarrassed to admit how many of the gadgets he’s reviewed that I’ve purchased, including a Starfleet Academy branded titanium spork

Third, having him misspell my name was icing on the cake, given the MAD’s irreverent etos and Dick’s self-effacing GizWiz persona. It’s like the collectible stamp with the plane printed upside down — priceless! (I refused to let him give me a correct, although he did also autograph my souvenir SDCC program accurately.)

Fourth, I actually got to ask a question (that he even answered!) regarding his thoughts about the internet during his hugely entertaining Spotlight panel in which he told hilarious stories of the Bill Gaines era of MAD and his own days writing for “The Match Game” show with Gene Rayburn and “To Tell The Truth.”

Also, Dick’s panel and signing and our brief conversation followed a fabulous panel about The Evolution of a Web Series, with actress Felicia Day and the team that produced the new Dragon Age: Redemption. I got to ask a question during that panel, too (starts at 32:18). I also got to meet in person her agent George Ruiz who serves on a board with DH.

My day continued with my finding a secret, quiet sanctuary with an OUTLET for my charger where I could eat my sack lunch and watch the crazies go by on the sidewalk outside. Then I met some new knitter/geeks who’d made their own Jayne Cobb hats and an original Avatar: the Last Airbender skull cap with a blue arrow. I caught a wonderful final panel called Magic & Monsters in which sci-fi and fantasy authors discussed their books. I’ve added them to my Kindle wish list!

Tomorrow I will post more pix and give a synopsis of how I ended my Thursday with dinner with DH and the amazing W00tstock 3.0 concert.


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