Pain Sucks

I  had minor surgery today to remove a soft tissue growth on my finger. This is what my hand will look like until I see my doctor next week. Hopefully, the pain will subside before then. The problem with meds and me is that no pain = no brain. Fortunately I don’t have to drive myself anywhere for a few days.

In related news, DS had a tonsillectomy two days ago and we learned the hard way that his system metabolizes out pain meds very quickly. After quite the comedy of errors, we were able to get him something stronger. In a nutshell, since I couldn’t drive, DD had to pick up the scrip, which couldn’t be called in to the pharmacy, she got lost, then the car wouldn’t start for about 30 minutes, then when DH went to pick up the meds, the entire shopping center lost power so the pharmacy closed. When he went back later, the pharmacist was locking up, but opened for him since we urgently needed the new pain meds. All is finally well, except my repertoire of interesting, cold food is running low. Poor DS doesn’t even like ice cream much.

Knitting content: I got in about 10 minutes on a new Broken Rib pattern scarf before pre-op. I will have to drastically alter my knitting style for the next week though 😦


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