Twilight Tent City at LA Live on Friday

On my day off for Veterans’ Day, I drove with DH to his office at LA Live and discovered Day 2 of an immense, geeky campout of over 1000 Twi-hards (die-hard Twilight fans) awaiting the premiere of Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on MONDAY! As a roving reporter for my friend Eileen Rivera’s “Bite Club” podcast, I took some pictures and interviewed some wonderful folks. My complete Flickr set is here, but I’ve embedded some of my favorites.


There are 3 separate huge, white tents covering  individual tents on the plaza and two places on Chick Hearn Court, blocked off to traffic between the Staples Center and Nokia Theater. Only people with wristbands are allowed into the tent area and guards keep outsiders at bay at night.


Yahoo Movies is sponsoring a “Twi-Fi Lounge” set up to look like a forest, that’s blasting music and interviewing folks, with a photo opp for Brides of Edward, complete with a huge wedding cake, bouquet and dresses.

Pictured is Dennis Maurice, who drove his Kristen Stewart-loving family from Fort Myers FL for their third premiere.  Check out the back of his T-shirt. The family actually has a room at the Westin Bonaventure, but has been sleeping in their tent at night!


Tiffani Maurice runs a fansite for Kristen’s new movie, Snow White and the Huntsman. She also volunteers for a wolf sanctuary call Shy Wolf and hopes to get a t-shirt into Kristen’s hands to help publicize the charity.  Tiffani has raised funds for Shy Wolf by auctioning off autographed Twilight merchandise she’s acquired.


Pictured are 3 of 10 canvases that Sherri Kennedy painted and brought with her from Fremont, CA. She has autographs from Robert Pattinson on the Edward canvas (near the L bicep) and from Taylor Lautner on the Jacob canvas (near the red heart). No, these are not for sale. She has other work for sale in her Etsy store, though.

My favorite conversation was with two Filipinas, Annie Palmer on the left from London, and Jela I on the right from Vallejo, CA, who are part of a group of 4 Twi-hards. They also spent the night before the actors’ handprint ceremony at Mann’s Chinese Theater last week and were 7th in the queue to witness it. And, of course, they attended Twi-Con last weekend, where they say they loved the panels and the fan interaction equally.


A group of 14 girls from San Diego set up this cutout cardboard photo op and I couldn’t resist putting my face in it. I know I’m smiling way too much to take Kristen’s place, but how fun is this!

Rob is from Sydney Australia. He flew here just for Twilight, attended TwiCon last weekend, will drive to Phoenix for premiere there. When I asked him how he became a fan, he said he hated it at first. Then he was laid up with an injury at home and got hooked watching a bunch of the movies and read the books that “sealed the deal”. There were several groups announced from New Zealand and Brazil as well.

It’s pretty noisy most of the time, with music blasting and videos projecting on the walls of the adjoining buildings. This final shot is of the huge screen on which repeats of the Breaking Dawn trailer get the most attention, as you can imagine with a 2-story high Edward or Jacob face.