Rose Bowl Monday

Because it never occurs on a Sunday, the Rose Parade is happening today, Monday, January 2. And as DH says every year, another 100,000 people will move to California after watching the beautiful Pasadena spectacle in amazing weather.  My divine ordinary for the day is the view from the second floor of our house. I am so grateful to live in Southern California, not just for the weather, but for the life my family gets to live. BTW, the kids are still sleeping. Youth is indeed wasted on the young.

2012: Celebrating the Divinity in the Ordinary

Happy New Year! This morning a visiting priest (Fr. Conlin) gave a lovely sermon referring to the new year as a gift of time and the end of the busy holiday season as the return to ordinary life. He provided the perspective of Mary (today is the Solemnity of Mary) as having given birth to the Son of God, yet having to perform all the mundane and ordinary duties of all mothers in raising a newborn. I really liked his reminder that we, too, can and should recognize the divinity in the ordinary experiences of our daily life.  This will be my blogging theme for 2012. Pictured is one of my divine ordinary experiences, petting our 13-1/2 year old Golden retriever, Dusty, in the cool daylight on “his” porch.