Crossing the Streams

I’m baaaaaack!

The last few years have been crazy busy, between family issues, health issues and up to 39 students in each of my English classes as funding for public schools has ebbed and flowed. Enough about the past….

My present lately has ROCKED! Health stuff has improved my body, which has set the stage for more focus on my MIND. I’m happy to resume learning and playing with all kinds of tech, including edtech. My district (yay, IUSD!) paid to send a huge team to this year’s CUE (Computer Using Educators) conference in Palm Springs. There I solidified friendships and connections from various edCamps in Southern California, including one that concluded just a few hours ago — edCampHOME 3.0.

My brain is so full of learning and sharing — I’m not sure where to start. Well, I suppose I should just  follow my own advice to students: “Jump in where you are; you can fix it later.”

The bottom line is that I have been inspired to restart this blog AND to share it with my students as I encourage them also to “make stuff and share.” Thanks to educators like David Theriault, Sean Ziebarth, Scott Bedley (also in Irvine Unified School District), Amy Burvall, and countless others I’ve met in the past two years, I’m convinced that blending my professional and personal lives is NOT as scary as I perceived, even just two years ago. On the contrary, being authentically who I am (tech nerd, knitter, cosplayer and all) models transparency for my students, not to mention makes it much easier to just be myself in all situations. After all, I have nothing to hide. (Well, maybe that little scar on…. — never mind!)

I had feared that “crossing the streams” was a BAD thing, until someone (probably @davidtEDU) reminded me that’s how the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer and saved humanity.

So this is my future, for better or worse. I am and will continue to be a teacher, geek, knitter, reader, mother, wife, singer, movie fan, cosplayer, aspiring bass player….  I even merged my two Twitter handles into one (@tozoa, formerly mostly @RogueTess).

Oh, I’m considering renaming the blog since I no longer really surf much. But that’s for a future blog entry!





3 thoughts on “Crossing the Streams”

  1. Yes… crossing the streams was my quote. I do love applying movies to EDU and life problems. Wonderful blog post, I’m really looking forward to more. Don’t be shy, share them on twitter. Thanks.

  2. Fun reading your revived blog! Would also like to integrate blogging into my English classrooms. Took a baby step last year by creating class blogs on which students posted their book reviews (or film, game, TV, music reviews) and were required to comment on other students’ posts. Yes, blogging with students and embracing our geekiness empowers all of us to discover and share our voices!

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