Storytelling and Connection

On Saturday (while watching poor Brazil lose to Netherlands for 3rd place in the World Cup) I read a tweet from one of my favorite educators on Twitter, Amy Burvall (or @amyburvall): “Big ideas from Jonathan Gottschall’s “Man, the #Storytelling Animal” @johnkao”

Storytelling Animal

So, of course, I had to click the link, then, of course, I had to download a sample chapter of Gottschall’s book for my Kindle, and, of course, I had to order the book itself. Essentially, it posits that humans make meaning through stories. This resonates with me as a reader, but also as a literature teacher and writer. Ironically, though, I spend much of my teaching and writing time presenting ideas or conclusions in lessons and essays, not stories.

What this brief, but pithy, episode on the internet reminded me is to make sure my students hear my stories and CREATE their own stories or, at the very least, CONNECT the ideas in my lessons to their own stories.

I can’t wait for the fall!


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