Going off the Grid


I’m going off the grid for three days. By choice. Not only will I have no internet, but I am not supposed to read, write, or talk to others. I’m attending my second silent meditation retreat. I can’t expect to replicate in only three days the amazing experience of ten days last summer, but I hope to recapture some of that serenity.

By the way, potential thieves, my tall, strong husband and son will still be at home, aided by our fierce black Siberian Forest “dog-like” cat (seriously, that’s in the official description of the breed!). So don’t get any funny ideas ….

The first time I did this, I surprised myself with how quickly I, tech geek and reader and writer girl, acclimated. I had a predictable period of “what in the heck am I doing here?” and “I need to leave now!” But then I got over my FOMO (fear of missing out) and got comfortable living in my own head,  uncomfortable dark places and all. Ditching the expectation of verbal social interaction was also liberating. The all-vegetarian food is fabulous, but only tea instead of coffee could be problematic.

These are just the mechanics of the experience. What goes on inside is so individual, it’s hard to write about. So I’ll just “experience the experience” and leave the rest to your imagination. See you after three days.


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