Day 1 of Awesome Learning at CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp

CUE Rockstar Title

I love learning! Today was Day 1 of the CUE Rockstar Teacher Camp at Manhattan Beach. It’s a wonderful three-day, hands-on, low teacher-student ratio professional development workshop at MB Middle School. The faculty are all experienced and enthusiastic experts in edtech (I get alliterative when I’m excited!). In the first session I learned about and practiced creating Google Forms with Karl LS, then in the second session I extended this info with Add Ons taught by John Stevens

The Rockstar learning model emphasizes making stuff, which fits right in with my new philosophy. Not only did I adapt some of my old work into Google Forms but I had time to create new Forms and  to brainstorm about other out-of-the-box uses.

Here’s my analog Sketchnote for the Day 1 sessions.


Learning continued at lunchtime with a great discussion about Twitter. See my Crossing the Streams post about my revised feelings about Twitter. Then at dinner at Tin Roof Bistro, I was privileged to relax and chat with a great group of educators. Oh, and my Lamb Burger was to die for! And the Pineapple Upside Down Cupcake from Susie Cakes next door was the perfect dessert.

OK, time for a good night’s sleep (for both me and my devices) to recharge for another full day tomorrow.


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