Summers Off

I’m spending the week at my mom’s house in Northern California, doing not much of anything! I could have titled this post “Sleeping In,” “Stopping to Smell the Roses,” “Refilling the Well,” “Summers Off,” or “Being a Slug.” But “Recharging” fits the best, especially because of my edtech-themed summer.

The point is everyone needs a breather as part of every cycle. We build vacations into our work contracts, we take weekends off work, we sleep at night, even our tech devices have “sleep” mode. Much is said of teachers who have “summers off,” but every teacher I know has spent at least part of the summer planning, reorganizing, expanding their professional learning network, and learning new stuff for the classroom. Summers are a necessary time to replenish our stores of energy, ideas, knowledge, and tools. During the year, we are never 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. workers. That’s only the time we are required to be on site. Planning, grading, and much parent and student communication, occurs outside of those hours.

So, the last few days, I’ve woken at my usual 5:45, but rolled back over and slept gloriously to past 8:00. Yeah, that’s unthinkably early to some, but my body really appreciates it. I can’t get to complacent, though — I report back officially on August 28.

And I’ll be ready and recharged!