I Teach to Learn

I am a lifelong learner. I teach partly because I want my students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and contributing citizens, But I teach also because I learn something new EVERY DAY — from my students, from what we share, about literature, about life, about myself.

My juniors gave TEDtalks last spring, through which I learned, among other things, about bats, the history of dance, and Studio Ghibli. During the year I also learned about one student’s flight from Syria, another’s wins and losses at fencing, and how another was coping with the sudden death of his mother.

The same goes for my teaching/learning in other contexts. My husband and I are part of our parish RCIA team that helps those seeking to become Roman Catholic. Each meeting, the “seekers” inspire me with their thoughtful questions and the challenges of their spiritual journeys, including, at times, acting against the will of their families. And just last week, another teaching team member shared the details of his own beautiful epiphany that stunned us into reflective and respectful silence.

I Love to Learn….