Jumping In with Both Feet


Summer’s officially over!

My school year started on Thursday with staff and department meetings and much classroom organizing. It continued at maximum overdrive brain power on Friday off-site with 9-12 ELA teachers from all 4 high schools in my district. Above are my Sketchnotes of the PLC (professional learning community) day. They won’t mean much to anyone not in attendance, but, combined with the pink and blue sheets referenced, they are sufficient for me to recreate the experience. On Tuesday, my students and I will begin our work together.

Our driving questions are “how do students show what they’ve learned?” and “how can we help them develop Rhetorical Flexibility?” (using the right too at the right time). And, on a more pragmatic note, we’ll examine how can we manage the paper load.

I admitted earlier that I’ve completely drunk the Google KoolAid, beginning with creating assignments and collecting products via Google Forms. In fact, our department produced amazing course outlines in a short, focused amount of time in a Google Sheet. With that model, I plan to shift as much as possible of my own work as well as my students’ into a digital format.

I’ll keep you posted!