My motto for 2015 is “BALANCE.” I envision the major parts of my life as points of a star: body, mind, spirit, home, work. As long as no one point is dominating the others, my star/life will remain balanced and proportional. But neglecting any one of them will distort the star and throw my entire life out of whack. The star represents action, not merely “thinking about it.” So it’s not enough to intend to walk around the neighborhood after dinner; I must actually walk the walk. Pretty clear — just do it!

Note that I am not listing resolutions. They simply don’t work for me. I have, however, a list of 80 Things to do Before 80 that I began years ago (that’s for another post). I always offer my students an extra credit project to make a pretty list of 30 Things to do Before 30 to keep on their walls. But back to me….

Feeding my spirit also requires that I resume knitting. And the best way to inspire me to knit more in the future is to remind me of my past successes. So I plan to post a Daily FO (finished object) and, in a pinch, a Daily UFO (unfinished object). Fittingly, my first Daily FO is one of my finest: a Clapotis shawl in recycled sari silk yarn from Mango Moon. I believe I used the planned yardage, but this yarn is so thick that the garment ended up more like a bedspread. It’s gorgeous, but quite heavy. Also, the fibers are so sticky that it made dropping the iconic ladder stitches a chore rather than a guilty pleasure.  But it also holds amazing memories: from knitting it on winter break on a beach in Costa Rica to being filmed at the Orange County Museum of Art at a joint meeting/performance art work with a Long Beach Stitch ‘n Bitch group. Hope you enjoy it!



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