Irony and Blaze – Daily FO


I often remind my students that IRONY makes the world go round. Or at least makes memories. Blaze was one of my first sweaters, a qualified success but really the best kind of FAIL (first attempt in learning). It’s a fabulous free pattern by Jenna Adorno from Knitty (Fall 2004). I used Knit Picks Andean Treasure which is 100% alpaca, so, ironically, my brightly colored summer sweater is way too hot for summer. Also, in my newbie arrogance, I ignored the “piquant” designation, meaning it was far from an easy knit. I had to frog it countless times and learned the value of a lifeline. But I’m overall pleased with how it turned out. I’ll wear it again this winter under a blazer.

My inspiration for the future is a reminder of how much I love knitting in the round and alpaca yarn. Also the ribbing is flattering, even to my 10-years older shape. Maybe I’ll knit it again, but longer and with 3/4 sleeves.


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