Expect the Unexpected


Students, like all of us, become bored or disengaged when classes are too predictable. I believe that some routine is essential and even comforting, but I love changing things up, especially when it’s least expected. The same holds true of my knitting. Unconventional patterns and fibers (and novel classroom activities) keep me engaged.

This Daily FO (finished object) is Simple Knitted Bodice in Soy Silk, both pattern and yarn from Stitch Diva Studios many years ago. Yes, you read that correctly — soy silk. It’s fiber spun from soy plants. It’s remarkably silky with a lovely sheen and drape. It’s heavier than I expected, though, so the long bell sleeves have become longer over time. I loved working with this yarn and wearing this top. As a knitter with sensitivity to 100% wool, I am always seeking plant vs animal fibers that “give” like wool.


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