The Best Thing I Do


This week’s #YourEduStory blogging topic is “What is the best thing you do in your classroom/school/district/job?”

So far this year my best thing is providing more STUDENT CHOICE. I’ve gotten such better engagement and learning from my students, and just plain completion with offering options for outside reading, writing prompts, sources for evidence/support, even which poem out of several for analysis practice.

By far the biggest difference CHOICE has made in my classroom this year, however, has been through 20% Time Projects. My two elective sections presented their websites and projects during finals week and most of them were brilliant. About 25% were, let’s say, aspirational. But 75% demonstrated passion and engagement. Many students expressed their individual personalities through their projects. A few, such as travel websites and sites on cycling, fashion design, aircraft mechanics, music production, building a car from scrap parts, provided road maps for their creators’ future professions.

I even received the coveted declaration “I Love This Assignment!” unsolicited from several students.

Make no mistake: this was hard for me to manage and for students to execute. Some plan to continue and expand their projects, but some want to start over with a new project. We all learned a lot about how to make the better.

Perhaps my best thing is yet to come.


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