CTA Educator

So this happened! … in the Back-to-School issue (August-September) of CTA’s Educator magazine.

Last spring a CTA Educator magazine editor approached me for an interview and visit to my classroom to learn about 20% Time Projects aka Genius Hour in my classroom. The article speaks for itself, but I also commend interested readers to review posts from May 2016, and September and October 2014.

Like Google’s own 20% Time initiative, my own has morphed into something more focused and (sadly) more directed. When a student is genuinely passionate about a subject, the research piece comes naturally. However, I’ve found that students are increasingly skeptical that they have total free choice about their learning and have approached my invitation more cautiously. I’ve had better success at piquing their interests with smaller bites of research before they eventually choose what they will focus on.

Thanks for the recognition, CTA!


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