Time Flies


Every year seems to go by more quickly than the last. Well, yes. That is LITERALLY true to humans because a year becomes a progressively smaller unit of our lives. A year is now 1/60th of my life, but only 1/10th of my nephew’s life. I chose the image above — a jet plane — rather than the more common bird wings or insect wings because I’m feeling like MY time is passing on turbo boost. “Too much to do; too little time!”

Yet, as my classes discussed last week about the stages of life, time is a human construct. It is relative (cf Albert Einstein), but also, as stated by Erwin Sylvanus, “Indifferent to the affairs of men, time runs out, precise, heedless, exact, and immutable in rhythm.” Therefore, the passage of time is inherently in the mind of the observer. That being so, we should spend more of our time enjoying the present, fully savoring what we do each moment, without regret over the past or anxiety about the future.

So please excuse me while I go pet my cat, kiss my husband, and enjoy a taste of chocolate while listening to what “shuffle” serves up on my Music app. 🙂



Simple Sunset Celebration

A few days ago my DH and I celebrated my birthday on a weeknight. We dropped in at Skyloft in Laguna Beach and enjoyed the rooftop view and generous happy hour appetizer portions. Then we got gelato to nibble on as we strolled the boardwalk. A lovely tourist from Spain offered to take our picture and she caught us in a wonderful light. I’m lucky to have enjoyed many wonderful birthday celebrations, but this simple and low-key early evening with my best friend was one of the most special. Sometimes less truly is more.

As the sun set, we drove home and I spent the rest of the night entering progress grades that were due the next morning. *sigh* Life is… ironic. But mostly in a really good way. 🙂

Serious Silliness


Would you knit this?

I suppose one could get all Freudian about this project by a Dutch textile designer, but I prefer to focus on the glory that is several knitted life-size creations. Not my cuppa tea, but, hey, it’s art!

Note that she’s also produced knitted food and plants and other goodness. Love it!





“Joy” drives my choices now. Not the “see yourself in it” kind (if you got that, you’re retro), not the JLaw film (although I want to see it eventually), but the idea of only keeping stuff if it “sparks joy.”
That’s the guiding principle of successful de-cluttering behind Marie Kondo’s best-seller, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up. THIS is a good write-up from the Washington Post; multiple support groups exist in Facebook.
I made awesome progress on my clothes when I first tackled the program, but have stalled on books/paper due to time. The end of the semester is nigh. Still the mantra “Does it spark joy?” has informed everything I’ve chosen to bring into my life for months, from purchases to freebies to what I eat.
For example, I love geeky graphic t-shirts, but now I’m content to save a digital image without owning all the cute shirts. The only ones left are high quality, extra-meaningful, and well-used until it’s time to “Thank them for their service” and recycle. My kitchen is becoming streamlined as I cull out non-joy-sparkers so that I’m surrounded only by joyful items. I pass up taking conference swag if don’t love or won’t use it. Even my food choices my pass the scrutiny of joyful AND good for me (which is inherently joyful).
I’m not perfect but I’m learning, and I forgive myself for my fails (frequent attempts at learning). So I progress…

220px-joyfilmposter   pg-3164_1z



In the Filipino dialect of Tagalog, “baon” means roughly “food to go.” Pictured are the two baon bags I brought with me to my first day at ComicCon. I’m proud to say that the only food I paid for was my Starbucks Soy Green Tea Latte and Spinach Feta Wrap for breakfast at the trolley transfer stop. My trusty baon, which included a Gala apple and a previously frozen bottle of Vitamin Water, sustained me until a light dinner with DD at Royal Thai. In fact, I only finished one bag and was able to bring the second bag to ComicCon on Sunday. My mom trained me well.

San Diego ComicCon Thursday

Thursday was Day 1 of San Diego ComicCon 2011 and pictured is me with my new treasured possession: a picture of Alfred E. Neumann autographed “To Theresa” by long-time MAD writer Dick DeBartolo. This is awesome on so many levels.

First, I’ve loved MAD since I was in junior high. Second, I’ve been listening to Dick on the TWiT Network podcast “The Daily Giz Wiz” for years.  I’m kinda embarrassed to admit how many of the gadgets he’s reviewed that I’ve purchased, including a Starfleet Academy branded titanium spork thinkgeek.com.

Third, having him misspell my name was icing on the cake, given the MAD’s irreverent etos and Dick’s self-effacing GizWiz persona. It’s like the collectible stamp with the plane printed upside down — priceless! (I refused to let him give me a correct, although he did also autograph my souvenir SDCC program accurately.)

Fourth, I actually got to ask a question (that he even answered!) regarding his thoughts about the internet during his hugely entertaining Spotlight panel in which he told hilarious stories of the Bill Gaines era of MAD and his own days writing for “The Match Game” show with Gene Rayburn and “To Tell The Truth.”

Also, Dick’s panel and signing and our brief conversation followed a fabulous panel about The Evolution of a Web Series, with actress Felicia Day and the team that produced the new Dragon Age: Redemption. I got to ask a question during that panel, too (starts at 32:18). I also got to meet in person her agent George Ruiz who serves on a board with DH.

My day continued with my finding a secret, quiet sanctuary with an OUTLET for my charger where I could eat my sack lunch and watch the crazies go by on the sidewalk outside. Then I met some new knitter/geeks who’d made their own Jayne Cobb hats and an original Avatar: the Last Airbender skull cap with a blue arrow. I caught a wonderful final panel called Magic & Monsters in which sci-fi and fantasy authors discussed their books. I’ve added them to my Kindle wish list!

Tomorrow I will post more pix and give a synopsis of how I ended my Thursday with dinner with DH and the amazing W00tstock 3.0 concert.