Arkon, A Better iPad Stand

Last week TSA made me unpack my carry-on because my Compass Mobile iPad 2 Stand was metal and looked suspicious on the x-ray. So from now on I will be traveling with the Akron Fold-up Travel Stand, made of a sturdy black plastic that is lighter and less attention-getting, that just arrived today. Thanks, Leo LaPorte and Steve Gibson of TWiT and Gear Diary for the recommendation. My Compass Mobile Stand will keep me company at home and school.


Compass Mobile Stand


This is the latest accessory for Hera, my iPad 2. It’s the Compass Mobile Stand from twelve south. It’s small, but solid and very steady, although it warns against using it for upright portrait mode. I only need portrait mode for Words with Friends, so I’m quite gentle with Hera under those conditions.

My last remaining accessory is the rear case from AViiQ  which is still on pre-order. Then my system shall be complete.