Fred Rubble

Pictured is DS with his 21st birthday present, a Channel Islands/Al Merrick “Fred Rubble” surfboard. Kelly Slater just won the US Open of Surfing on one. Even though DS had the choice of a Firewire (obvious geek cred plus the virture of parabolic balsa wood stringers on the rails, not down the center), I preferred the Fred Rubble just because the name amuses me. Gotta love surfer shaper humor.


Surfing Ruined My Life

This is the most bizarre surfing-related bumper sticker I’ve ever seen about surfing: “Surfing Ruined My Life.” It was on an SUV with no surf racks and puzzled both me and my surfing DH. Thanks to Google, I learned it’s probably from a Sunset Beach surf shop and is also a t-shirt. Also, someone apparently has the trademark on it. But the saying is also associated with either a MySpace musician/shaper or a blogger. Regardless, it just seemed wrong to, even ironically, choose to participate in something wonderful then blame it for the ills in your life.



Since “sing” is the first word in this blog’s title, I clearly value the word/concept/activity in my life, although I feel that most of the world undervalues it. Sure, even children can relate to the idea of feeling joy in song, as in this Sesame Street tune. But what’s more complicated is understanding the many kinds of power of song, such as to celebrate and empower. If I had to choose, I kind of almost think I’d rather hear than see because I would lose so much without the ability to appreciate song.

In this morning’s sermon, our own Fr. Claude suggested a use that puts an additional important spin on “sing” for me. This is a vastly, unfairly simplified version of only a part of his message, but one way of “loving one’s enemies” is singing a holy song to them. Imagine it: the iconic photo of a peace protester placing a daisy in the muzzle of a soldier’s gun comes to mind.

An adjunct of the message is all the nuances of  St. Augustine’s words, “cantare amantis est,” or “singing is what the lover does” or “singing belongs to one who loves.”  Singing is a higher form of  praise or prayer than mere recitation. I’ll save explanations of how “surfing” and “knitting” are also forms of prayer for future posts. 😉

Weird Weather

I caught this full moon shot at about 6:45 this morning on my way to work. I wish it showed how huge the moon appeared. It dominated the sky. The last few days have been unseasonably hot. I’m guessing this is just the first of many blog posts to come about unusual weather conditions. DH surfed this morning — great offshore conditions, lots of peaks. So … global warming, bring it!

Uniquely Hawaiian

This replica of a barreling wave adorns the upper wall at Da Kitchen restaurant in Kahului, and is probably fairly unique to Hawaii. Our first stop after getting our car was to get an authentic Chicken Katsu plate lunch with a scoop of potato-mac salad. My drink was a POG (passionfruit, orange, and guava juice). I really miss living in Hawaii!

Two quick comments that characterize this week: (1) the more hectic the present, the more poignant the memories of the past (oh, Maui, how wonderful you were!) and (2) a hot bath cures many ills, but not a migraine. 😦