UP Day 10 Purple

Today I wore this variation on my Little Black Dress from The Uniform Project. The belt is from Esprit, and is older than my marriage. Yup, I’m a hoarder.


Not Your Grandma’s Cardigan

Actually it’s DH’s Grandma’s cardigan worn over my LBD from the Uniform Project. This link is to the Day that I sponsored when I bought my LBD. The cardigan is one of the few items we received after DH’s grandmother died that I can wear or that we can use in daily life, so the sentimental value plus the pink is a win! I’m also wearing black Harlequin tights and my black suede Vaneli ankle boots.

I was inspired to pull out the LBD today because I just got a notice that the Pilot #3 LBD that I ordered last November has shipped. Can’t wait to wear it and accessorize it. The February 2011 Pilot is a wonderful, creative zippered design that has such potential for variety. Her philanthropy is City Harvest, a pe-school nutrition program. Please support!


I’m baaaack! The vicissitudes of life have kept me from blogging for several months. I really miss it, too! But this cosmic nature of this date (10-11-10 by European convention) inspired me to resume.

Although work has dominated my time (I have more students this year than ever), many future creative projects have dominated my thoughts. For example, I bought the pattern and fabric for my own homemade Little Black Dress from the Uniform Project and ordered one of the Limited Edition Holiday LBD’s as piloted by Isis. I’m looking forward to making myself the palette for some creative dressing.

This photo is from the studio in the TWIT Cottage in Petaluma where I visited in October with Nicole Lee, a friend from CNET (CBS Interactive) and one of my co-hosts of Geeks on Glee. We had a wonderful lunch and shop before watching Tom Merritt tape an episode of Tech News Today with Sarah Lane and Current Geek Weekly with Scott Johnson.  All in all it was a wonderful day. I was happy to roll this trip in with a visit to my Mom.

Knitting content: I still have to finish the fringe on my Doctor Who Scarf. I’m almost done with one of a pair of fingerless mitts from a Knit Picks kit, and I have resurrected a Prisoner of Azkaban style Gryffindor scarf that had been languishing on the needles in my closet. Pix of those to come …

UP Day 5 Geek Chic

This is the outfit I wore to a geeky meetup at San Diego ComicCon on Saturday: my Little Black Dress (LBD) with buttons in front, handknitted beret, ancient belt from Esprit (are they still in business?), cartoony leggings, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in tribute to Doctor Who, and a geeky writers pin that says “Write Hard, Die Free” (allusion to Hell’s Angels).

The meetup itself was awesomely fun! Hosted by Stephen Johnson and John Holzer of NewBrewThursday, it began with a taping with guest Tom Merritt of twit.tv, formerly of cnettv.com. Later Molly Wood, Tom’s cnet co-host of BuzzOutLoud, showed up, along with other podcasting luminaries such as Eileen Rivera, Lynn Fu and Josh Lawrence from biteclubshow.com and Mark and Nicole Spagnolo from TheWoodWhisperer and Ladies of LEET (or is that L33T?). I confess to minor thrills when being recognized as RogueTess (“You were on BuzzOutLoud!”). 😉 This is my Flickr set of the meetup. There are many others out there.

Philanthropy connection: The Uniform Project has just released a new iteration of the LBD in a slightly different fabric AND the pattern! Buyers have the option to purchase the pattern alone ($20) or in a kit with two yards of the new fabric ($50).  All this benefits Akanksha’s School Project for educating girls in India.

UP Day 4 Celebrating Korea

I wore this two days ago (Thursday) to celebrate the final day of a three-day seminar for educators on Korean-Americans sponsored by several groups in my area. I’m wearing the buttons in the back, topped with a beaded vest made in Indonesia and purchased in Berkeley around 1985. I have white bike shorts underneath for any oops moments and Raffini Rosa shoes in tan.

I want to continue to highlight the amazing work of the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, one of the seminar sponsors, that is helping to keep quality and programming and pride and morale high in the Irvine Unified School District. I bought a ticket for the Dreamstakes Raffle. Even if I don’t win a house, I might win something smaller 😉

Knitting content: I still need to post pix of my completed Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl. I’m on the sleeves of the Central Park Hoodie. I may finish the pieces today driving to/from ComicCon with @darthwife. We’re attending the taping of her husband @darthweef’s podcast, NewBrewThursday at Proper Gastro Pub with Tom Merritt (@acedtect) and staying for the meetup afterward, that includes Buzz Out Loud folks such as @mollywood from cnet. Can’t wait!

UP Day 3 Green Thai

Today’s outfit is buttons on the front, layered over green Thai fisherman’s pants, with a belt from a boutique called Diva in NorCal and my favorite summer shoes, the Ecco Lite Skimmers. The name is meant to allude to my favorite anti-oxidant beverage 😉

This philanthropy that caught my eye today is the Irvine Public Schools Foundation, which, among other efforts, hosts a fabulous raffle for a house in Irvine, which will take place later this summer. It’s very close to my heart, as a am both a parent in and an employee of the Irvine Unified School District, known for its academic excellence.

Knitting content: I finished the Endless Knitted Cardi Shawl this week! Pix to come. And I began a Central Park Hoodie in Jamieson’s tweed.

UP Day 2 Hint of Guatemala

I wore my LBD reversed with a black-and-white belt from Guatemala, a Murano glass necklace that DH and DD just brought back from Venice, and some Brighton flats.  I can see where I will need to find more picturesque photo locations or at least better lighting.

To continue highlighting the philanthropy from yesterday, I was inspired by the story that the husband-wife couple from Lay Mission Helpers told of their experience in Cameroon. It sounded difficult but life-changing. I have a hard time imagining myself away from the rest of my family for 3 years, as they were, unless I can Skype at will. 😉

Knitting content: I am one sleeve away from finishing the Endless Knitted Cardi Wrap! Pix to follow soon.