Alpha Sheep

OK, so I love wool: socks, scarves, sweaters, yada yada. And the sheepy sources for this yummy wool are cute and mellow, right? Well … check out this video of a “sheep-herding dog.” This is definitely one alpha sheep! Thanks to the Random Good Stuff blog for the heads-up.
Knitting content: I have been woefully short of time to knit, given work, health, and traveling north to help my mom, but I’m halfway done with my third Parisian Beanie Beret from Stitch Diva. The yarn is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in navy blue, an acrylic so the busy, high school student recipient can wash it with impunity.

UPDATE: OMG!  Check the comments.  I could have some fleece to process and spin from THIS amazing sheep! I love the internet.



3 thoughts on “Alpha Sheep”

  1. Hey RogueTess,

    How’d you like to knit yourself a nice Alpha Sweater with Punkin’s shiny fleece? He’s Icelandic, so there’s a very long staple. We shear in June and it’ll be even longer then.

    Glad we were able to give you a peek at the feisty nature of Icelandic sheep!

  2. When I lived in Australia, a friend of mine had a sheep that thought it was a dog. “Lamby” would run around the yard, beg for treats, and do all the normal things a dog would do. Thanks for reminding me.

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